Dear valued customer and PAL,
Our lives have changed over the past few weeks, and we realize that life can be challenging. Here at Plaza Auto Leasing we want to help make your automotive needs less challenging. Governor Cuomo has approved us to allow sales and delivery of cars through a remote or electronic process for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. We are OPEN, and working with our customers remotely to provide full-service leasing and sales! Our commitment to our community, and to your family's health and safety is our number one priority. Our sales and customer service staff is available to find your perfect vehicle, at the best price, delivered to your door.

Don’t let March slip by!

Call us today at 718.975.9000!
Wishing you good health!
Your Plaza Auto team:
Elie Furst, 718-975-9000, ext 201,
Abe Gruenbaum, 718-975-9000, ext 202,
Isaac Binelli, 718-975-9000, ext 203,
Itamar Busany, 718-975-9000, ext 205,
Mark Sebag, 718-975-9000, ext 209,
William Evans, 718-975-9000, ext 210,
Sharona Ben-Haim, 718-975-9000, ext 211,
Avrumy Kaufman, 718-975-9000, ext 213,
Yitzi Wolbe, 718-975-9000, ext 215,
Yehuda Furst, 718-975-9000, ext 224,
Yitzy Smith, 718-975-9000, ext 230,
Yehuda Frischman, 718-975-9000, ext 231,