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The Off-Road King Has Arrived | 2021 Ford Bronco First Look

Look our Wrangler, Ford is coming for you and they aren't pulling any punches. The all-new 2-door and 4-door Broncos promise to out-crawl, out-haul, and out-Baja Jeep's hot-selling Wrangler with more gadgets, bigger LCDs, lighter doors, more power, more gears and pretty much more of everything. If you're looking for the ultimate off-road adventure vehicle, this might just be it...

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2021 Hyundai Elantra | Up Close, In Person

A bold new look. A whole new level of tech.

The all-new 2021 Elantra makes a striking entrance—now with a hybrid option for the first time. Lower and wider, with a more aggressive stance, our fully re-imagined Elantra sets a new standard for sportiness in compact sedans. It’s also got leading-edge tech and safety, and our hybrid has even greater MPG.

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The Ioniq does something that we haven't seen before.

We fully charge a 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric and take it out on the New Jersey Turnpike to see how far it will go at a constant 70-mph (113 km/hr) in the latest chapter of the InsideEVs EV highway range tests.

When the Ioniq Electric launched in 2017, it was the most efficient EV at the time. However, it wasn't long before the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus edged out the Ioniq to become the efficiency king of the hill. Now the Ioniq's back with a larger battery and 46 more miles of EPA-rated range.

However, because of that larger battery (38.3 kWh compared to the previous version's 28 kWh), the 2020 Ioniq is slightly less efficient. But based on our highway range test, you'd barely notice.

The 2020 Ioniq has an EPA-rated range of 170 miles, although we saw estimated ranges of 180 to over 200 miles when the vehicle was fully charged. However, that was after we drove it mildly around town, not at highway speeds so we weren't sure exactly how well the vehicle would do at a constant 70 mph.

So far, the Tesla Model 3 has been the most efficient vehicle we've tested on our highway range tests, averaging 4.25 mi/kWh (14.59 kWh/100 km). The Ioniq crushed that and delivered an average 4.5 mi/kWh (13.78 kWh/100 km) over the test.

We finished up driving 167.2 miles and had 2% battery state of charge remaining. We're certain we could have gone another 3.8 miles on the remaining 2% (and probably drove at least a mile after the state of charge reached zero, so we're calling the final range at 171 miles; exactly one mile greater than the Ioniq Electric's EPA rated range.

We've never had an EV on our highway range tests prove capable of matching, or in this case, exceed its EPA range rating while driving at 70-mph, until now. Like Tesla, Hyundai has been known for its high-efficiency electric cars. Our recent 70-mph highway range test for the Kona Electric saw us netting 247 miles or range (the Kona Electric is EPA rated at 258 miles) with an average efficiency rating of 3.9 mi/kWh.

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After months of delays, some residents will need to wait a little longer to take care of their business at the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Agency officials announced Friday that most of the in-person transactions scheduled to begin June 29 will be delayed until July 7, while the text notification system undergoes final testing.

Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said that the delay is because the text notification system that will be utilized for social distancing purposes needs further testing.

“We intended to rely on our new text notification system to check people in, then allow them to leave the building and go elsewhere. Unfortunately, this new system requires further testing, so we will not be able to open as fully as we anticipated on June 29,” Fulton said. “Without the text notification system, the number of people waiting for transactions who will need to be on-site will far exceed capacity limitations.”

Facilities will also be closed Mondays throughout the month of July for health and safety assessments. Due to the closures, all standard driver's licenses, including permits, all vehicle registrations, vehicle inspections, temporary tags and veteran/Purple Heart placards that were set to expire between March 13 and May 31 have been extended to July 31. Documents expiring June 30 are extended two months to Aug. 31, and those expiring July 31 are extended to Sept. 30.

The federal REAL ID deadline has been extended by one year, to October 2021, so customers should not feel any pressure in that regard.

Fulton ordered the initial closure from March 17 through March 30, then followed that with a two-week extension through April 12, another through April 26, then through May 11, another through May 25 and most recently through June 11.

Katie Sobko is a local reporter for NorthJersey.com. For unlimited access to the most important news from your local community, please subscribe or activate your digital account today.

Email: sobko@northjersey.com Twitter: @katesobko

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Dear valued customer and PAL,
Our lives have changed over the past few weeks, and we realize that life can be challenging. Here at Plaza Auto Leasing we want to help make your automotive needs less challenging. Governor Cuomo has approved us to allow sales and delivery of cars through a remote or electronic process for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. We are OPEN, and working with our customers remotely to provide full-service leasing and sales! Our commitment to our community, and to your family's health and safety is our number one priority. Our sales and customer service staff is available to find your perfect vehicle, at the best price, delivered to your door.

Don’t let March slip by!

Call us today at 718.975.9000!
Wishing you good health!
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